These memories will last forever and in them we shall always be together.

Hold them close to you heart and we will never be far apart.


About Us

Seventeen years ago I started making Teddy Bears in a little business called Bear With Us in Dell Rapids, SD.  I work there until 2006 when they closed their doors.  In 2010 I decided take over the tradition.  Today with this amazing gift that God has given me and with love and support of my amazing husband, 4 wonderful children, family and friends I continue to give people the gift of a Teddy Bear.  There are truly no words to describe how much joy it brings me and how thankful I truly am that so many amazing people allow me into their lives and share their stories with me!  Thank you all so much for allowing me to do what I do! 



Let Lasting Hugs turn your treasured garments into keepsake Teddy Bears!  

Contact us now for more information!

 Lasting Hugs will turn these treasured garments into keepsake Teddy Bears:


                                               ~ Real Fur Coats                                                                        ~ Quilts/Blankets

                                            ~ Synthetic Coats                                                                       ~ Military Uniforms

                                            ~ Blue Jeans/Pants/ Bib Overalls                                              ~ Letterman Jackets

                                            ~ Baby Blankets                                                                         ~ Sports Uniforms 

                                            ~ Wedding/Bridesmaid/Prom Dresses                                       ~ Sweaters/Shirts

                                            ~ Neck Ties                                                                               ~ Work Uniforms

                                                                                          ~ And much, much more!

Photo Gallery

Upcoming Events that Lasting Hugs will be attending:


PMS (Pamper Myself) Show

Grand Falls Casino

Larchwood, IA

February 27th, 2016

Spring Festival

Canterbury Park

Minneapolis, MN

April 8,9,10 2016

Family Funfest

West Lyon Fairgrounds

Sioux Falls, SD

 July 9th, 2016

Sioux Empire Fair

West Lyon Fairgrounds - Expo Building

Sioux Falls, SD

August 6th - 14th



"Thank you for working so hard to get the bears done!  They both turned out great!  I really appreciate your tender detail toward each bear - my Mom and I had tears when we saw them for the first time.  Thank You! " -- Dana


"Thanks for all your work.  They are darling!" -- Jann


"Thanks again!  The bears are adorable!  My sister-in-laws are going to love them!" -- Carrie


"Thank you so much for the darling bear! Keep up the great work!" -- Shari


"Thanks so much - you did a fantastic job." -- Lucille


"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciated what you did for me in creating my Grandma Judy Bear. I Love It!! I could not believe you made it in one day.  I was impressed and touched that you went out of your way to do that for me.  When my husband and I went to her hosue to get her perfume that night after I got your text, we got a call that she would be passing that night or by the next morning, so by the time we got to your home, I was having a hard time, so I appologize for not coming inside to meet you and see the awesome job you did! 

We were celebrating her birthday that night. She did end up passing the next morning, on her birthday, which was actually a blessing.  But then I was able to have my adorable bear at the prayer service and funeral and I have a nice little story to go with it.  I have so many wonderful memories of her and her smell is one of them, so thank you so much for creating something to help me keep that memory forever.  Words cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.  I am forever grateful for your kindness and selflessness to have put together something so special for me in one day's time when you have a new baby and probably a thousand other things to be doing.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!!" -- Laura


"My Mom cried!  She loves them!!  You did a wonderful job!  Thank you! -- Kathy

There is a 50% Down Payment required on ALL orders! Thank You!

Accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover!

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